Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DISTRO: Rick Weaver, Human Host, and the Sonic Youth Boys

Rick Weaver - 'Black Medicine' OST c44 (MORE Records)
"If there ever was a vaudeville of noise, Weaver is it. Through a variety of guises and collaborative projects (see Form a Log, Dinner Music, the Ruined Frame, or New Flesh for starters), Rick Weaver has been at the epicenter of some of the most eccentric and oddball sounds in the experimental scene. From lo-fi junkyard symphonies and free jazz-leaning psychoses to freewheeling acoustic balladry, Weaver has more than dabbled in a number of disconnected and disjointed sounds. Now returning under his own name and on seminal left-field electronic label More Records, Weaver has created an original soundtrack entitled Black Medicine to accompany his own film of the same name (due out in 2014). Sections... evoke stream of consciousness ramblings, acid-induced segues of rambling tribalism, Casio cold wave, and haunted free noise." -Bobby Power

Human Host - 'Creature Mountain' reissue c32 (OKTO MEDIA)

AX and BLADE inc
as played by
The Sonic Youth Boys
also feat. Westwood Murray, Judith Sanders, King, Sigourney Weaver, Blue Boy, and Zack Kouns
"The ham unravels like an onion, reveals a glowing gummy yin yang at its center" -The Boss

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DISTRO: Form A Log - 'The Two Benji's' LP

Form A Log
The Two Benji's
Decoherence Records

or buy it from the source:

Monday, July 8, 2013

DISTRO: Dinner Music 'BLOOD QUANTUM' soundtrack

[SP-35-CS] : Dinner Music - Blood Quantum [cassette]
"Human Conduct head honcho and future Chattanooga tiki bar proprietor Rick Weaver (Form a Log, Femme Tops, New Flesh) has been working the brilliantly damaged psych-lounge project Dinner Music for a few releases now and this new cassette soundtrack for the video of the same name is rumored to be THE END. In this pseudo-narrative soundscape, cerebral instrumental pieces punctuate all manners of disoriented organ pop and heavily percussive kraut-jazz. A fine meal for the ears that digests well with multiple servings. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-screenprinted in blood red ink on red paper with black text." -Spleencoffin
audio samples:
"Drummer's Dropout"
"After Drinking the Poison"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Hand Hotel Welcome Kit

The Hand Hotel Welcome Kit
book your first night and get the good news from the Hand Hotel courtesy of LOGE MEDIA & HUMAN CONDUCT. Sign says no vacancy, but there's always room for one more fresh squeeze. The gang's all here: Lila Maria, the White Ghost, Shadow Brother, Hard Law, Rich Bank, the Major, Trotter Huff, Stardaddy Dixie, Fuzz, and all the rest.
Kit includes:
-an unreleased Dinner Music full-length soundtrack
-"If You Let Me Take" - Trotter Huff live at the Crooner's Corner cassette
-The Perfect Man comic book
-Welcome Letter
-Tiki Ray's newsletter #1
-request for personal information
- opportunities
it may very well be our pleasure to serve you.
The Hand Report #1

Monday, March 18, 2013

Forced into Femininity "Messiah of Evil" cassette

ltd. 100 copies. professionally duplicated. second press / reissue of Forced into Femininity's (Jail Flanagan) exquisitely charged and frantic masterpiece "Messiah of Evil". Perfect in every aspect. Jail maximizes the BPM and violently zooms thru some extreme arpeggiated progressions, mystery modifications, and choreographed mania. Her lyrics lash the horrors of reality ('my friends, I've stuck lightning in my head and my dreams are full of sorrow / yes my dreams could end tomorrow / I hold my hand over the candle until the flesh starts to bubble / my friends, I'm sick and I'm wretched / can't shake this rage that's twisting my bones, distorting my skull' -from the title track). Messiah of Evil is a document of the highest of extreme energy and singular expression.

"Rarely I heard such maniac music. Messiah of Evil, also a psychedelic horror film from 1973, is also the musical outlet of Jail Flanagan from the United States. Nine songs fill a tape with ultra-fast synthesizer melodies, tossed beats and a screaming voice that attempts opera classics to give a new look. The maniacal in music grabs me straight to the throat and makes me flip the tape over and over again. The music is shaky, has influences from old hard-core punk, opera, experimental music and is just... complete madness."
-Vital Weekly (JKH)
"A pagan pig-murder parasitic party in your ears!"
-Roctober Magazine
"One transgendered woman in a crude dress of silver wrapping paper dances, writhes, poses, and sings in falsetto with a computer emitting abstract and abrasive digital sounds. The beauty of irrational urges has rarely been delivered so honestly." -Russian Tsarlag

Band of a Hundred Monsters music video

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DISTRO: Form A Log - 'Hey Crazy Guys'

Form A Log
'Hey Crazy Guys'
released by An Obelisk Sounds
back in the early days of Clockbrain, almost nearly five o' clock. taking phone calls, cutting hair,
following up the grill time with the beat of the log.