Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Feast of the Epiphany - Indivinity II

Feast of the Epiphany
Indivinity II

Reissue b/w unreleased material.
Indivinity II is an early full-length extract from Nick Podgurski’s (New Firmament, Feast of the Epiphany) flawless solo output. It backtracks and builds upon 80s’ production habits when gated reverb was newborn. Cultivating and fogging his sources with inorganic effects, Podgurski creates a live pumping heart. Expressive nerve-foliage of polyrhythm-units and percussion are mixed with vertiginous balance. Buried ambiance, melodies, and vocals are perfectly situated in the trance. Focus shifts from facet to facet in the emulsion of mixes, dense with overdubs and cross-pollinating rhythms. The tracks are akin to sculpture, complete stereophonic pictures fully arrive, their lush topography moving from lucidity to blur, ears scanning and darting like eyes from sound to sound. The sum is complex, comely, and expressive.

c54 - professionally duplicated - limited to 100 copies.

listen to the first half of the reissue:

Side A

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Monday, April 7, 2014

DISTRO: Another Dark Age - v/a


Another Dark Age
featuring Phantom Selector , Victim , Form a Log , and Carrier

"This V/A release captures the schizophrenic culture of one marginal pocket of the underground."

soundcloud preview: https://soundcloud.com/another-dark-age/sets/ada001

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

(D)(B)(H) - 'Beyond Antibiotics'

Beyond Antibiotics

Reincarnating lost limbs of (D)(B)(H) in the sextet shuffle where improvised mobility and collaborative crossroads wag, wink, and squint a come-hither. The air in Russian Recording Studio, July 20tth, 2012, is occupied by the deliberate exhalations of cymbals, saxophones, box fan, trumpet, prepared cassette, harmonica, piano, percussion, plastic balls, and other objects, electric and acoustic. They are made useful in the hands, at the feet, and between the lips of Justin Rhody, Marty Belcher, Daniel Wick, John McCormick, Joe Stone, and Chris Rall. No instrument is matched with a fellow, leading one to speculate the phantom unit winding through the jungle gym without personal property rights, stitching the stream of subconscious, in the studio forest, not without manners or sense of historical timing, picking opportune moments to swap 88 keys for a ping-pong ball, an eruption of rhythm and tone for call and response tempo modulation, an alluring melody for a scuff. The greatest moments of impact are filled with dead air, where my self is drawn into a soft painting of a fatigued horizon where the Sun rises too soon for recovery, nearly clean cobblestone moss, a pinch of unearthliness…only to be startled by minor scuffles between brass and cassette. A real "dreamer" of a session.
Cover photograph by Vinnie Smith. Professionally duplicated 58 minute cassette. Limited to 100 copies.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rick Weaver / Dinner Music

Roughly uploading one two-sided album a month from the "Rick Weaver" recordings onto the one-sided beast that is the internet, beginning with the Dinner Music discography. Chronologically arranged, in order of each album's completion, not its release date. Each download includes the full album as well as additional tracks, singles, EPs, unreleased audio, line drawings, poems, lyrics, etc. For all interested parties: link

DISTRO: Form A Log - 'The Two Benji's' LP

Form A Log
The Two Benji's
Decoherence Records
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Forced into Femininity "Messiah of Evil" cassette

ltd. 100 copies. professionally duplicated. second press / reissue of Forced into Femininity's (Jail Flanagan) exquisitely charged and frantic masterpiece "Messiah of Evil". Perfect in every aspect. Jail maximizes the BPM and violently zooms thru some extreme arpeggiated progressions, mystery modifications, and choreographed mania. Her lyrics lash the horrors of reality ('my friends, I've stuck lightning in my head and my dreams are full of sorrow / yes my dreams could end tomorrow / I hold my hand over the candle until the flesh starts to bubble / my friends, I'm sick and I'm wretched / can't shake this rage that's twisting my bones, distorting my skull' -from the title track). Messiah of Evil is a document of the highest of extreme energy and singular expression.

Order information:
US: $7 postage paid to rickjweaver@gmail.com or purchase thru the artist: facebook.com/pages/Forced-into-Femininity/140281266012764
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"Rarely I heard such maniac music. Messiah of Evil, also a psychedelic horror film from 1973, is also the musical outlet of Jail Flanagan from the United States. Nine songs fill a tape with ultra-fast synthesizer melodies, tossed beats and a screaming voice that attempts opera classics to give a new look. The maniacal in music grabs me straight to the throat and makes me flip the tape over and over again. The music is shaky, has influences from old hard-core punk, opera, experimental music and is just... complete madness."
-Vital Weekly (JKH)

"A pagan pig-murder parasitic party in your ears!"
-Roctober Magazine

"One transgendered woman in a crude dress of silver wrapping paper dances, writhes, poses, and sings in falsetto with a computer emitting abstract and abrasive digital sounds. The beauty of irrational urges has rarely been delivered so honestly." -Russian Tsarlag

Band of a Hundred Monsters music video

Thursday, August 30, 2012

J. Zagers - 'Key Conduction'

The inexhaustible magic kid Jeff Zagers delivers his fantastic full length collage cassette KEY CONDUCTION.  A real nice meaty leer into the preoccupations of this musical chameleon's mind.  Rich pop numbers, 'Chu's Blues' saxophone sequel, blissful polyrhythmic union of sequencing and nearly-free drums, sprawling chilled cinematic electric, solo saloon piano, dissonance as base for vocal melody, a 'classic' sounding Rock Banned stylization, etc.  However, this collage does not fall under the irritating camp of 'eclectic' - Zagers navigates the labyrinthine plastic through unpredictable segue ways creating a dynamic, cohesive stream.  This is all in spite of its broad two to three year recording sessions, proving the kid has had a plan all along.  A full-bodied complex cut of splice composition dedicated to the translation of strong energy into each take, in conjunction with the "the dissecting ear".  
in his own words: "The trash goes in the trash can and YOU get picked up."

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audio sample at FMA