Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DISTRO: Heyoka - 'Fourth Sheath' OST

'Fourth Sheath OST'
Loge Video Media
Heyoka is N.N.N. Cook & Rick Weaver side A includes the full original soundtrack to Fourth Sheath, a double video projection premiered at Mushmaus in the LOGE VIDEO BLACK TENT on 11/11/12. Side B is an elaboration on the first side. Most of the sounds were recorded and mixed during Rick Weaver's two month residency at Mushmaus.
"The piece invokes in me a feeling like a drummer solo performance that does not end. It almost exhausts the viewer through the continuous highly energized music improvisation. The red rectangle on the left, would normally heighten a form of anxiety to the viewer, but actually provides a comfortable calming in comparison to the rapid movement depicted in the black and white nondescript image on the right. The right side appears to respond to the exhausting music, leaving the viewer almost breathless with its heightened sound and visual energy."
-Jeff Sippel, UMSL
ltd. 50 copies
cardstock covers with screen shot of FOURTH SHEATH and insert.

DISTRO: Global Distance - 'Lover's Cove'

Global Distance
'Lover's Cove'
Realm Play Records
After three full-lengths on Human Conduct and Cum Sun Curiosities, the GD boys Rick Wilson & Rick Weaver have started up Realm Play Records, the imprint for their Realm explorations. Lover's Cove is an exotic coming of age tale involving two exploiters, Nectar & Sap (played by the Ricks). They run The Hut, a club with plenty of rattan, bamboo, and slaves. The slaves are imported from the Iron Environs, child residue of the Bumpers' gruesome and cruel attempts to rehabilitate kids who used to get wild at the Lover's Cove. Kids like Nervous Henry, who was a bit nervous at first, but finally took a dip in the Cove, handled the Jetty of Ecstasy, and went a little too far in the Nook of Frenzy. After the action, Nervous Henry felt a sense of overwhelming guilt, and the Bumpers were there to help. Offered him a cherry slag from the slag shop. Boy, they seemed real cool. Then he arrived in their compound. ZAP. Used up then sold to the Hut and used some more. He's still an adolescent, but he don't look the same, not even human. None of those freaks dancing over at the Hut look human, but boy can they dance and they do ANYTHING when Nectar or Sap hold sawed off bamboo to their backs. That's why the Hut is bumping and the slag is flowing. Those poor dancing mutant kids daydream of the Oceans of Bliss, a place even greater, freer than the Cove, happiness nakedness wings, etc. That's a quick overview of the types of things that go on in this realm.. Also some foot pirates cut off all the children's feet and some guy named the Slosher gets his kicks on Isolation Island. And the whole thing takes place in a guy's ulcerous mouth, and he dies at some point too, and the whole Cove dries up.
"Try our island
You'll be smilin'
Not a care in the world
Every boy & girl"
ltd 40 copies,
accordion J-card with mouth and hole and mobile 'pin-ups' (tiki girl & skeleton)
plus three inserts - credits, map of the Cove, & 'insert'

DISTRO: Dinner Music - 'Kissing Cousins'

"This new album from Rick Weaver aka Dinner Music is hard to explain, much like other releases from him. Both sides spill out fierce melodies that slowly become suspended over skeletal rhythms a few feet above already fluttering sounds. All ideas morph and disperse where you would least expect it. Rick Weaver manages to layer and play a ton of instruments including organ, piano, tapes, percussion, etc. and create this complete bizarre world of outsider music. A type of world that is so hard to express through words, and with that being said i highly recommend this tape, or any other from him. Both "Kissing Cousins" and his recent tape "Tomb of Womb" on Bathetic Records are quickly becoming some of my favorite things i've heard in recent times. Limited to 100 pro-duplicated high bias chrome tapes with imprinting. Each tape comes with hand cut, hand stamped J cards, and an insert created by the artist himself. Expectations are out, and experiences are taking over. Add this to your collection and submit to a 31 minute trip into the lawless world of Dinner Music." -Beau D. / Golden Cloud Tapes

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DISTRO: Dinner Music - 'Tomb of Comb'

"Rick Weaver returns to Bathetic with is brand of warbled and warped cinematic music. It's like a Lynchian smear of uncomfortableness that is both blooming and bodacious, while maintaining an awkward and alarming air. Afterhours music; like Captain Beefheart exchanging tales of trips to the gates of hell with a young and broken Tom Waits to the ghost of Evel Knievel, amongst sputtering, broken tones and ghastly and unnatural timbres. Beautiful in its controlled chaos.

Dinner Music is Rick Weaver playing organ, percussion, voice, corpse piano, tone bank, acoustic guitar, sound effects, & tapes - recorded during the weekend of archetypes.  Take a trip through the Tomb of Comb... you'll enter a world like nothing you could've imagined.
*each cassette comes with a 6" x 10" b&w insert-poster Edition of 80."
-from Bathetic site

Thursday, August 30, 2012

J. Zagers - 'Key Conduction'

The inexhaustible magic kid Jeff Zagers delivers his fantastic full length collage cassette KEY CONDUCTION.  A real nice meaty leer into the preoccupations of this musical chameleon's mind.  Rich pop numbers, 'Chu's Blues' saxophone sequel, blissful polyrhythmic union of sequencing and nearly-free drums, sprawling chilled cinematic electric, solo saloon piano, dissonance as base for vocal melody, a 'classic' sounding Rock Banned stylization, etc.  However, this collage does not fall under the irritating camp of 'eclectic' - Zagers navigates the labyrinthine plastic through unpredictable segue ways creating a dynamic, cohesive stream.  This is all in spite of its broad two to three year recording sessions, proving the kid has had a plan all along.  A full-bodied complex cut of splice composition dedicated to the translation of strong energy into each take, in conjunction with the "the dissecting ear".  
in his own words: "The trash goes in the trash can and YOU get picked up."

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Femme Tops - 'Full Shock'

Femme Tops
'Full Shock'

The OST to the movie SHOCK by Kipp Whittaker & Rick Weaver based on the short story SHOCK by Alex Hampshire.
Evan Lipson: bass
Alex Hampshire: voice, keys, sax
Rick Weaver: tom & hi-hat, brass, keys, voice, tapes
recorded by Nick Skrobisz

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rick Weaver & His Dinner Music - "mixtape"

Rick Weaver & His Dinner Music
60 minute collection of Dinner Music tracks recorded between 12/10-4/12
clean the head space prepare for the future.  out of print, available, unreleased, pending release tracks.

Monday, June 18, 2012



Mothcock is Doug & Pat of Kent, OH.  Vertical convolutions filled with clustered textures, independent patterns, butchered sampling, dry reed lines of spot-on acoustical timing, and intersecting electronic points intuitively touch the right places.  In awe and trance at the end of its full listen - with ease, Mothcock reels the listener into their personal cultivated music hypnosis.  Contact is immediate and natural... will not be prevented.  Top of the sound chain live, this recording directs the same energy.

listen to an excerpt from Side A

cover art by Pat.
limited to 80 copies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Milk / J. Zagers - Dandelion Shake split cassette

No Milk / J. Zagers
"Dandelion Shake"
split 30 minute cassette

out of print

a perfect pairing of bittersweet lyricists. the rhythms and melodies are strong and direct, playful deceivers tailoring and deepening the expressive substance communicated through the two voices of two wonderful musicians. bright, bitter, and hypnotic; the drama of melody. paradoxical hands and voices. three original songs from each artist, each song its own private correspondence.
limited to 60 copies.
US: $7 postage paid (paypal
WORLD: contact me for actual shipping

examples of the artists in the live setting:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Global Distance perform The Death of Nature Boy

Global Distance
The Death of Nature Boy
50 copies
real time dub
'accordion' J-card
features Larva Lou on two tracks

out of print

Realm Play masterpiece from Global Distance - - -- the duo of Rick Wilson & Rick Weaver. echoes of echoes of Nature Boy's groaning grave. perhaps our destiny was written some years ago under the L in the bottom of a peanut bag.
if, as Borges "suspects", humor is "a sudden favor of conversation", then, perhaps, I assume, this full-length will be amusing in 100 years, that is, less time (hundreds of thousands of years less) than it'll be safe to take a dip in that spent fuel that lit your home tonight.

audio samples: