Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cubicle - Voyeur Martyr Mother Fucker

Cubicle - Voyeur Martyr Mother Fucker
Cassette ritualist / decisionist / tape alchemist Adam Keith conceived a strange subconscious world when he self-released the first Cubicle cassette on his co-vanity imprint Moontrash in the late second half of 2010. Mr. Keith chooses to translate his private fantasies and deformations of reality into curious audio cassettes of esoteric origins. Voyeur Martyr Mother Fucker, Cubicle's fourth full length release, was made during a period of east to west relocation. The tape is a psychological tunneler; a cryptic crawl with hypnotic moody pulsations, a descent into the abstract and implicit (after the militaristic sensibility of the overview "Dog Food" ("remind them of youth and all the other awful half-truths")).
c40 (material is approx. 38 min.)
real time dub
chrome bias
ltd to 50 copies.