Friday, July 18, 2014

DISTRO: Form A Log - For The Record

Form A Log
For The Record LP
(Bathetic Records)

"We reside on a planet, in a time, where it feels as though nearly every avenue, artistically, has been explored. But every now and again, and artist or group of artists comes along and shakes things up, breaks in new ground, and allows a different view of the art at hand.
Form A Log‘s members’ (Ren Schofield, Noah Anthony, and Rick Weaver) projects, such as God Willing, Container, Profligate, The New Flesh, and Dinner Music have been highly revered over the years for their ability to stand out from the crowd. Form A Log is no exception, and takes the member’s abilities to carve their own niche to the next level.
Form A Log doesn’t come across like they’re developing a certain brand, instead they make moves more akin to forefathers Captain Beefheart, Butthole Surfers, or even Kraftwerk; fearlessly making imaginative music that soars above classification. Form A Log‘s debut album for Bathetic isn’t something that can be casually explained, it’s more for the listener to delve into and explore in their own headspace.
What you have here is an exceptional record that plays by its own rules. Bending weirdo folk jangle into electronic aplomb, gritty dirt-scapes drift below the surface while the incantations of outworld-dwellers bounce in and out of the shadows. While it’s a truly strange record, it is not impenetrable or too obscure to get behind. At times there’s visions of basement dance parties, everyone lives, everyone loves, everyone loses their minds. Other times we’re taken to backseat car rides, exploring zones we might not be our safest in.
It’s an adventure of an album, and based on cred alone, one that everyone should at least be tempted to touch, however, once you’ve dug in and it grips your noggin, you’ll be surprised where you may end up." -Bathetic