Monday, July 8, 2013

DISTRO: Dinner Music 'BLOOD QUANTUM' soundtrack

[SP-35-CS] : Dinner Music - Blood Quantum [cassette]
"Human Conduct head honcho and future Chattanooga tiki bar proprietor Rick Weaver (Form a Log, Femme Tops, New Flesh) has been working the brilliantly damaged psych-lounge project Dinner Music for a few releases now and this new cassette soundtrack for the video of the same name is rumored to be THE END. In this pseudo-narrative soundscape, cerebral instrumental pieces punctuate all manners of disoriented organ pop and heavily percussive kraut-jazz. A fine meal for the ears that digests well with multiple servings. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-screenprinted in blood red ink on red paper with black text." -Spleencoffin
audio samples:
"Drummer's Dropout"
"After Drinking the Poison"