Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Hand Hotel Welcome Kit

The Hand Hotel Welcome Kit
book your first night and get the good news from the Hand Hotel courtesy of LOGE MEDIA & HUMAN CONDUCT. Sign says no vacancy, but there's always room for one more fresh squeeze. The gang's all here: Lila Maria, the White Ghost, Shadow Brother, Hard Law, Rich Bank, the Major, Trotter Huff, Stardaddy Dixie, Fuzz, and all the rest.
Kit includes:
-an unreleased Dinner Music full-length soundtrack
-"If You Let Me Take" - Trotter Huff live at the Crooner's Corner cassette
-The Perfect Man comic book
-Welcome Letter
-Tiki Ray's newsletter #1
-request for personal information
- opportunities
it may very well be our pleasure to serve you.
The Hand Report #1