Monday, March 18, 2013

Forced into Femininity "Messiah of Evil" cassette

ltd. 100 copies. professionally duplicated. second press / reissue of Forced into Femininity's (Jail Flanagan) exquisitely charged and frantic masterpiece "Messiah of Evil". Perfect in every aspect. Jail maximizes the BPM and violently zooms thru some extreme arpeggiated progressions, mystery modifications, and choreographed mania. Her lyrics lash the horrors of reality ('my friends, I've stuck lightning in my head and my dreams are full of sorrow / yes my dreams could end tomorrow / I hold my hand over the candle until the flesh starts to bubble / my friends, I'm sick and I'm wretched / can't shake this rage that's twisting my bones, distorting my skull' -from the title track). Messiah of Evil is a document of the highest of extreme energy and singular expression.

"Rarely I heard such maniac music. Messiah of Evil, also a psychedelic horror film from 1973, is also the musical outlet of Jail Flanagan from the United States. Nine songs fill a tape with ultra-fast synthesizer melodies, tossed beats and a screaming voice that attempts opera classics to give a new look. The maniacal in music grabs me straight to the throat and makes me flip the tape over and over again. The music is shaky, has influences from old hard-core punk, opera, experimental music and is just... complete madness."
-Vital Weekly (JKH)
"A pagan pig-murder parasitic party in your ears!"
-Roctober Magazine
"One transgendered woman in a crude dress of silver wrapping paper dances, writhes, poses, and sings in falsetto with a computer emitting abstract and abrasive digital sounds. The beauty of irrational urges has rarely been delivered so honestly." -Russian Tsarlag

Band of a Hundred Monsters music video