Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DISTRO: Heyoka - 'Fourth Sheath' OST

'Fourth Sheath OST'
Loge Video Media
Heyoka is N.N.N. Cook & Rick Weaver side A includes the full original soundtrack to Fourth Sheath, a double video projection premiered at Mushmaus in the LOGE VIDEO BLACK TENT on 11/11/12. Side B is an elaboration on the first side. Most of the sounds were recorded and mixed during Rick Weaver's two month residency at Mushmaus.
"The piece invokes in me a feeling like a drummer solo performance that does not end. It almost exhausts the viewer through the continuous highly energized music improvisation. The red rectangle on the left, would normally heighten a form of anxiety to the viewer, but actually provides a comfortable calming in comparison to the rapid movement depicted in the black and white nondescript image on the right. The right side appears to respond to the exhausting music, leaving the viewer almost breathless with its heightened sound and visual energy."
-Jeff Sippel, UMSL
ltd. 50 copies
cardstock covers with screen shot of FOURTH SHEATH and insert.