Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DISTRO: Global Distance - 'Lover's Cove'

Global Distance
'Lover's Cove'
Realm Play Records
After three full-lengths on Human Conduct and Cum Sun Curiosities, the GD boys Rick Wilson & Rick Weaver have started up Realm Play Records, the imprint for their Realm explorations. Lover's Cove is an exotic coming of age tale involving two exploiters, Nectar & Sap (played by the Ricks). They run The Hut, a club with plenty of rattan, bamboo, and slaves. The slaves are imported from the Iron Environs, child residue of the Bumpers' gruesome and cruel attempts to rehabilitate kids who used to get wild at the Lover's Cove. Kids like Nervous Henry, who was a bit nervous at first, but finally took a dip in the Cove, handled the Jetty of Ecstasy, and went a little too far in the Nook of Frenzy. After the action, Nervous Henry felt a sense of overwhelming guilt, and the Bumpers were there to help. Offered him a cherry slag from the slag shop. Boy, they seemed real cool. Then he arrived in their compound. ZAP. Used up then sold to the Hut and used some more. He's still an adolescent, but he don't look the same, not even human. None of those freaks dancing over at the Hut look human, but boy can they dance and they do ANYTHING when Nectar or Sap hold sawed off bamboo to their backs. That's why the Hut is bumping and the slag is flowing. Those poor dancing mutant kids daydream of the Oceans of Bliss, a place even greater, freer than the Cove, happiness nakedness wings, etc. That's a quick overview of the types of things that go on in this realm.. Also some foot pirates cut off all the children's feet and some guy named the Slosher gets his kicks on Isolation Island. And the whole thing takes place in a guy's ulcerous mouth, and he dies at some point too, and the whole Cove dries up.
"Try our island
You'll be smilin'
Not a care in the world
Every boy & girl"
ltd 40 copies,
accordion J-card with mouth and hole and mobile 'pin-ups' (tiki girl & skeleton)
plus three inserts - credits, map of the Cove, & 'insert'