Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DISTRO: Dinner Music - 'Tomb of Comb'

"Rick Weaver returns to Bathetic with is brand of warbled and warped cinematic music. It's like a Lynchian smear of uncomfortableness that is both blooming and bodacious, while maintaining an awkward and alarming air. Afterhours music; like Captain Beefheart exchanging tales of trips to the gates of hell with a young and broken Tom Waits to the ghost of Evel Knievel, amongst sputtering, broken tones and ghastly and unnatural timbres. Beautiful in its controlled chaos.

Dinner Music is Rick Weaver playing organ, percussion, voice, corpse piano, tone bank, acoustic guitar, sound effects, & tapes - recorded during the weekend of archetypes.  Take a trip through the Tomb of Comb... you'll enter a world like nothing you could've imagined.
*each cassette comes with a 6" x 10" b&w insert-poster Edition of 80."
-from Bathetic site