Thursday, August 30, 2012

J. Zagers - 'Key Conduction'

The inexhaustible magic kid Jeff Zagers delivers his fantastic full length collage cassette KEY CONDUCTION.  A real nice meaty leer into the preoccupations of this musical chameleon's mind.  Rich pop numbers, 'Chu's Blues' saxophone sequel, blissful polyrhythmic union of sequencing and nearly-free drums, sprawling chilled cinematic electric, solo saloon piano, dissonance as base for vocal melody, a 'classic' sounding Rock Banned stylization, etc.  However, this collage does not fall under the irritating camp of 'eclectic' - Zagers navigates the labyrinthine plastic through unpredictable segue ways creating a dynamic, cohesive stream.  This is all in spite of its broad two to three year recording sessions, proving the kid has had a plan all along.  A full-bodied complex cut of splice composition dedicated to the translation of strong energy into each take, in conjunction with the "the dissecting ear".  
in his own words: "The trash goes in the trash can and YOU get picked up."